How did the taoism writing and creation begin?

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Taoism was legendarily conceived as the first and last writing of the great political advisor and sage Lao-Tzu, who became frustrated by the longstanding turmoil of the Chinese monarchy of his age. The dates of Lao-Tzu's birth have been obscured by time though it is generally accepted that he was born of high intellect and at a young age was described as being "Old-Young" which translates into Lao-Tzu. Because Lao-Tzu was so highly regarded for his insight into human kind and political affairs, the guard at the gate recognized Lao-Tzu immediately and dictated that in order to pass through the exit he would be required to write a book based on his key understanding and knowledge of humanity, politics, and universal affairs.

What Lao-Tzu produced was 81 short to long chapters under the title Tao te Ching or The Way. The concentration of the message behind the ideas all point to the translated phrase The Way which he begins the book by stating that the The Way cannot be fully understood except through following the way. Lao-Tzu, in earnest, however uses his insight to best describe these many universal truths of The Way in writing. His book that became the main text of taoism writing and creation, concentrated on specific and general aspects of power based around the key ideas of yin and yang, wu wei or non-forced action, following the way of nature, stilling the mind, doing by not doing, questioning what is good and bad, and utilizing the useless. The Tao te Ching was designed to be read and utilized by those in power to have the greatest balance and effortless control in their positions as rulers. For example, one tactic states that the greatest of all rulers is for his subjects to not even be aware that they are being led.

Taoism writing and creation sprang from Lao-Tzu's study of the I Ching or The Book of Changes, in which the 64 passages and symbols of I Ching are used as an oracle map of the Universe by a person to determine the next steps in a person's life. It is through the more than a thousand combinations of I Ching that Lao-Tzu found the correlations in the duality of life, the strength and continual prominence of nature, and how these universal truths can be applied to rulers and those in power. The basis of Taoism was finally solidified and Lao-Tzu was granted access to leave his native land but not first by changing the religious landscape forever.

Though Lao-Tzu original conceived his work to be read by the powerful elites of his time, the study of its truths can be used for one's personal every-day life. The Tao te Ching was a final commentary on a ruling government that needed mending yet it is though the steadfast and delicate philosophy that he recorded that the value, benefits, and practice of Taoism can be applied to every person's life in order to find the balance and harmony to be successful, content, and noble in action.

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